shmu Youth Rap Project MkII

Open to anyone in P7 or S1 & living in one of our priority areas

Interested in rap and hip-hop? 

The shmu Youth Rap Project MkII is for anyone in Primary 7 or S1 who lives in Cummings Park, Middlefield, Northfield, Tillydrone, Seaton, Woodside or Torry and wants to develop their lyric-writing, rapping, beat-making & live performance skills! 

The course is FREE and for everyone, regardless of skill level. Our experienced tutors (including local rapper Jackill) will help you create a track from start to finish, then have it recorded and mixed to a professional standard. You'll also learn about the history of rap and hip-hop along the way!  

Where: shmu HQ, Woodside, Aberdeen 

When: Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm from 7th November to 12th December 

See here for more details and how to apply. 

For further information please email

The project is funded by BBC Children in Need, Cashback for Communities and the Scottish Government's Youth Music Initiative through Creative Scotland.